Flue Draught and Minimum Flue Heights

“The flue is the engine of the stove.” There are three certainties in life; death, taxes and the fact wood burning stoves will not work without an appropriate chimney. Flue pipes do not exist to solely exhaust smoke away from the stove, for within the correct chimney something wondrous occurs and the magical draw is […]

What is Twin Wall Flue?

We often get asked “can I have a stove if I do not have an existing fireplace or chimney?”. This is typically for new builds or conservatories, summer houses, glamping pods and the like. The answer is most definitely YES! You simply create a chimney using Twin Wall flue pipes. Starting with the basics, a […]

What is a Chimney Register Plate and Why do You Need One?

Chimney Register Plates (or Closure Plates as they are also known), are typically a sheet of thin metal – although they can be made from any non-combustible material – designed to be fitted above the stove at the base of the chimney opening. This serves three purposes: Easy to cut to size and simple to […]

What do I Need to Buy to Install Flexible Chimney Liner?

Lining an existing brick chimney is the easiest, and most cost effective, of the flue systems available however, for a safe and legal installation, we only advise using the services of a HETAS registered engineer or alternative member of the Competent Persons Scheme. Should you wish to undertake the work yourself, you must inform the […]

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