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At FlexibleFlueLiners.com we supply a full range of installation and flue parts for wood burning stoves. Flexible flue liner is manufactured at our site in Braintree, Essex where we also stock a full range of flue supplies.

Why Should I use flexible flue liner?

Flexible flue liner is used to line existing chimney’s when a log burner is being installed in a fireplace. Chimney flue liner is a great and inexpensive solution to solve updraught issues, to protect the body of your house from tar build up and to ensure no smoke escapes. Simply drop the liner down the chimney and connect at each end for a fully sealed effective flue system. Flexible flue liner can only be used in existing chimneys and cannot pass through walls or be used externally.

When should I use twin wall flue?

If you do not have an existing chimney, we stock twin wall flue pipe which can be used to create your own chimney and can pass through walls and be used externally. This is flue pipe with 1 inch of insulation running around the inner pipe and then an outer pipe holding the insulation together and keeping it weatherproof.

Who are we?

We are one of a handful of UK manufacturers of Flexible Flue Liner, proudly made and tested to the highest standard. We are HETAS approved suppliers with over a decade experience in the stove industry. With large stocks and expert support, our specialist team can answer any of your questions, help plan your system and ensure that it complies with the building regulations. Call us on: 01376 315 760.

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