Cut to Order – Replacement Stove Glass

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Stove Accessories & Maintenance – Heat-Resistant Replacement Stove Glass

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Cut to Order – Replacement Stove Glass

High quality, 4mm thick replacement ceramic stove glass from an industry-leading producer, precision cut to fit any model of stove.

Simply enter your required glass dimensions and select ‘Plain’ or ‘Shaped’ to calculate the price. ‘Plain’ refers to square or rectangular glass with everything else being ‘Shaped’ (typically an arched top or angled corners).

When fitting new stove glass, please ensure not to over-tighten the glass retaining clips or screws as these will expand with heat, exerting pressure onto the glass. This is also an ideal time to replace your rope seals, please see our separate Rope and Adhesive listings.

Please note, Cut to Order Replacement Stove Glass cannot be refunded if incorrect dimensions have been provided or the item is no longer required.

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