2 Meters Of 3mm Fire Rope & 30ml Black Glue Kit

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Stove Accessories & Maintenance – Heat Resistant Ropes and Adhesives for sealing stove doors and glass. Sold individually or as a kit.

2 Metres of 3mm Fire Rope & 30ml Black Glue Kit

Kit containing enough white Fire Rope and Black Heat Resistant Glue to replace the seals around a stove door and/or viewing glass. It is recommended to regularly replace the rope seals on a stove to ensure maximum control over the burn rate and to prevent over-firing.

Available in a range of diameters from 3mm-25mm, this fibre glass soft-weave rope kit is suitable for all heat resisting applications (up to 1250°C) with the option of black or white glue. To fix in place, simply cut rope to desired length, apply a bead of the adhesive onto the surface and press rope firmly into place, clamping until fully cured.

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