HRG Replacement Stove Glass – Assorted Models

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Stove Accessories & Maintenance – Heat-Resistant Replacement Stove Glass

Replacement Stove Glass – Assorted Models

High quality, 4mm thick replacement ceramic stove glass from an industry-leading producer, precision cut to fit any model of stove.

Simply select your model of wood burner or multi-fuel stove from the drop-down menu, taking note of the dimensions listed. If you cannot find your stove in the list, we also custom-cut replacement stove glass (please contact us with dimensions).

When fitting new stove glass, please ensure not to over-tighten the glass retaining clips or screws as these will expand with heat, exerting pressure onto the glass. This is also an ideal time to replace your rope seals, please see our separate Rope and Adhesive listings.

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Stove Model

Hrg JA013 – The Stannah Stove Glass (240×180 – Plain), Hrg JA001 – The Carleton Stove Glass (245×220 – Plain), Hrg JA008 – The Poulton Stove Glass (280×264 – Plain), Hrg JA042 – JA042B Stove Glass (328×260 – Plain), Hrg JA006 – The Newton Stove Glass (222×193 – Shaped), Hrg JA010 – The Singleton Stove Glass (248×208 – Shaped), Hrg JA014 – The Thistleton Stove Glass (253×197 – Shaped), Hrg JA009 – The Rosecare Stove Glass (265×232 – Shaped), Hrg JA004 – The Fleetwood Stove Glass (277×276 – Shaped), Hrg JA002 – The Eccleston Stove Glass (280×272 – Shaped), Hrg JA003 – The Elswick Stove Glass (330×290 – Shaped), Hrg JA005 – The Hambleton Stove Glass (342×298 – Shaped)

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