How Do I Secure a Flexible Flue Liner in Place?

Unlike single wall stove pipes or twin walled insulated flues, Flexible Flue Liner systems are not bracketed every 2m or so, due to their lighter weight. Instead, they are simply held in place at the top using an option of fixtures dependant on whether there is a chimney pot in place or not.

If you have a chimney pot on top of your chimney stack, then all you need is a Pot Hanging Cowl. The Flexible Flue Liner attaches to the underside of this and is suspended down the existing chimney with the Cowl itself strapping onto the pot to secure in place. In the absence of a chimney pot, there is a little more involved as you shall require a Top Plate cemented down, through which the Liner is pulled and secured by a Top Clamp. You can then use a Flex Cowl to terminate the system. All components mentioned are sold either separately or as part of a kit.

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