Warma Fire Lighters (24 pack)

£7.46 Inc VAT

Box of 24 individual Warma Eco-friendly, odourless Fire Lighters made from sustainably sourced wood, wool and doused in candle and bees waxes.

Effective for lighting coal, wood briquettes and large logs on all types of stoves, these fire lighters are also non-toxic, making them perfect for use when cooking food on barbeques and grills.

To ensure your fire lights first time no matter the temperature of your flue, follow our simple method of reverse stacking your fuel; Place one large log in the base of the fire, arrange kindling into a grid on top and position the required number of fire lighters within the kindling grid. Light the fire lighters which in turn will ignite the kindling, directing all initial heat produced up into the flue system, warming the air sufficiently to establish the draw. Once the draw is underway, the fire will grow and work down into the log below. Do not close gthe stove door until the draw is established and the fire is self-sufficient.

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