Rytons LookRyt AirCore AC10LP (Terracotta)

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Installation Essentials – Selection of Air Bricks recommended for all stoves.

Rytons LookRyt AirCore AC10LP – Terracotta

Air Bricks or AirCore Ventilators are a legal requirement for all solid fuel heating appliances with an output of 5.1kw or higher but are highly advised for all stoves, no matter the output. Failure to provide your burner with sufficient oxygen will result in a weak draw, low heat output and a smoke-filled room.

The 125mm diameter tubing passes through an external wall to replenish the fresh air supply to fuel combustion and ensure the optimum performance of your wood burner. This version features no baffles or cowls and is suitable for any stove up to 18kw.

  • Manufacturer: Rytons
  • Baffle: No
  • Cowl: No
  • Ext. Grill Colour: Terracotta
  • Int. Plate Colour: Magnolia
  • Tube Length: 358mm
  • Equivalent Area: 10'400mm²