Stove Pipe To Flexible Flue Liner Increasing Adapter (Screw Fit) – 125mm – 150mm

£44.89 Inc VAT

Flexible Flue Liner installation components for 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm and 200mm internal diameter flue systems. All parts required are available as kits or sold individually.

Screw-Fix Increaser to Chimney Liner

Screw-fix Adapter to convert from single-walled stove pipe to Flexible Flue Liner, increasing the internal diameter of the system by 25mm (1″).

The following Building Regulations must be followed when installing Flexible Flue Liner:

  • 100mm stove outlet must increase to 125mm Liner (DEFRA/EcoDesign stove) or 150mm Liner (non-DEFRA/EcoDesign stove)
  • 125mm stove outlet can adapt to 125mm Liner (DEFRA/EcoDesign stove) or must increase to 150mm Liner (non-DEFRA/EcoDesign stove)
  • 150mm stove outlet can adapt to 150mm Liner
  • 175mm stove outlet can adapt to 175mm Liner
  • 200mm stove outlet can adapt to 200mm Liner

Suitable for use with wood, coal, approved solid fuels, gas and oil. Adapter threads onto Liner and is sealed with Heat Resistant Sealant (sold separately).

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